Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Superotherside's Classic Review: The Thanos Quest

Being one of my favorite villains, when I heard of this Thanos solo series, I couldn't stop myself from checking it out. Was it worth it? Did it ruin everyone's favorite purple colored titan? Read on. 

In case you don't know, The Thanos Quest is a two issue limited series featuring Thanos, who looks into the Infinity Well discovering the true nature of the Infinity Gems. Thanos convinces Death the gems would aid him in his quest of killing half the universe. She gives him permission to seek out the cosmic entities who hold them. 

Pretty much everything about this book is brilliant. The art is stunning, capturing all the emotion and the mind bending realities Thanos's quest takes us to. It's epic from the start and only gets better. 

Often, writers struggle with cosmic tales, especially at this time, but this book has little, to no problems handling everything. The expressions, mood, and dialogue is actually cinematic. It's amazing at how these characters who at times in other comics had come off as very goofy, are all well scripted, yet never act out of character. Jim Starlin wrote these characters how they were supposed to be written. He captured all their selfishness, and greed, yet ultimately made you feel sorry for them. 

Told in his own thoughts, Thanos makes a deeply interesting protagonist for the story. To those who have read The Infinity Gauntlet you are probably wondering, why you should bother with a intro into a storyline you have already read. Well, I'll tell you. Because it's worth it. Not only will the Mad Titian actions not come off as "mad" as they did before you read the book, but you will also appreciate The Infinity Gauntlet much more. 

There is actually quite a bit of action as well. Thanos goes up against seemingly impossible odds, and yet each time ultimately out matches them though with each of their gems give his opponents a huge advantage. It is amazing to see how easily Thanos tricks each of these cosmic beings into falling to his mercy each time. Thanos has a sort of humor with the way he lives up to his bargains. 

By the end of the book, you understand Thanos does not actually have as much ill will to the universe as most think. You realize he actually wants to be able to understand the whole universe, so that he might use it to understand his own emotions. He believes power will ultimately satisfy him, yet realizes it never will. For this reason he loves Death, for when dead, he does not have to deal with the problems of life. He truly wants to die, to be rid of his problems. He only needs to realize the only true way to be satisfied with your life, is to do good. A choice he might never make. 

Having little to no mistakes, fantastic art, excellent writing, and great characters, The Thanos Quest is hard not to recommend this story to any comic fan. 


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