Friday, August 3, 2012

Superotherside's Classic Review: BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN

Now, mostly I lean to Marvel in being my favorite publisher of comics. But I have to say when DC gets stuff right, it's fantastic. I came across this book at the library and decided to read it to see how I liked this classic story.

Well, I did. Not just being an amazing Batman story, this is an amazing comic period! I didn't honestly realize at how much The Dark Knight took from this book. In fact the scene on the roof top with Gordon, Dent, and Batman is almost lifted from the panel.

I really loved the writing because it made you feel like you were Batman. The tone reminds me of a mix between the new Batman Arkham games and Snyder's Batman title. It is obvious that Batman: Long Halloween has influenced these Batman stories a great deal.

I couldn't believe at how many villains made their way into this book either. Even Solomon Grundy makes an appearance! What's great about it, is that each character is handled well and adds something to the overall story. There doesn't seem to be much of throwing stuff in there, just because the writer can. Something that irritates me very deeply when writers do that. But instead most everything fits into place in the plot of the book.

They also went into the deep psychology of Dent, which in The Dark Knight was played brilliantly by Aaron Eckhart. Sadly when you read this book, you realize the film should have developed his character a bit more.

The art is great as well. It allows enough character expression, yet doesn't define it too much and gives you an over all impressionistic art.

With a great story, good art, and a definitive Batman story, Bat fans everywhere should be sure to pick up this classic.