Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Issue 1-3: Black Widow Strikes 

What I love about Black Widow Strikes is that it delves more deeply into a character which story has just been teased in the Avengers. I wish they would do some books like this for Hawkeye! 

First off Natasha Romanoff aka the Black Widow is on an under cover job to find some stolen Starktech where she meets Sofia, a rival spy determined to prove her superiority. After killing several agents and nearly killing Natasha herself, Natasha stops Sofia from seemingly selling the Starktech to the Ten Rings. 

Seriously this book is really good. Some thought it made the character sappy or something but I would say it made her more interesting. No one wants a character who is perfect or who doesn't have doubts. Well, maybe some do... 

But at any rate this book teases how great a Black Widow film could be. While some may not like it due to it's simplicity, it's an enjoyable book to look more into Natasha's character. 

Besides that, it gives a teaser of the Ten Rings! I think some of the things talked about in here seem to be linked with Iron Man 3. It seems Sofia was hired to steal the code of the targeting software for Hammer's bootleg version of the Jericho missile for the Ten Rings. To me this is beyond cool. 

Not without it's faults but having several redeeming qualities, I give it: 


Issue 1-2: The Amazing Spider-man 

I have to admit I was skeptical of this one but I've got to say it won me over completely. The drama, artwork, and story are all top notch. Which gives me much more hope in this reboot. 

I have get one thing clear. I personally dislike hate the suit in the Amazing Spider-man. But I have to say, it does look very good in this comic. 


But it's not just that. The story is were things begin to get interesting, Peter's thoughts of just wanting to help and prove to Captain Stacy Spider-man is not a dangerous vigilante. 

The story with Gwen is interesting too, I'm wondering if she knows he's Spider-man at this point... 

What's bad about it? Nothing really. A minor complaint is that I doubt thugs could have beat him around so easily. But then he's very much a novice so it's honestly not against what happened in the comics. So the complaint doesn't have much if any bearing. 

Another complaint is it doesn't have enough actual action. He never gets to fight a real threat in the series, it's mainly just a teaser for you to see the movie. Not that that's bad in any way. 

I give it: 


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