Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Episode 15: Powerless

An interesting episode, showing something I like most about Marvel characters (don't get mad DC, I like you too) is that the story is not about their powers, it's about the person with the power. Even without their power these characters are still the same people, which this episode delves deep into. Since this episode has only four characters in it, with each one having interesting points to touch on lets visit each character's story in this review.

Hawkeye: Interesting enough I guess having super marksmanship isn't a superpower. I thought this was slightly funny since Tony's technological side of his brain didn't work, plus got his prototype suit back. Yet Hawkeye still has great marksmanship and doesn't go back to shooting regular arrows. I slightly wonder how this worked out but who knows, I guess it was just because the spell was shot at the others instead of Hawkeye. Still it's fun to see Hawkeye for once defending the others...

Iron Man: Getting back to Tony's smart side of his brain shutting down, I think this was a funny twist to this because evidently Marvel actually thinks he is superhuman in his brain. I also thought it was too funny when Hawkeye hot wired Tony's repulsor. I also loved the banter between Hawkeye and Stark in this episode, this line especially when Tony's explaining to Hawkeye the smart part of his brain seems to be shut down. Hawkeye: "Amazing none of the brain power but all of the attitude. Magic stinks."

Captain America: As usual Cap inspires everyone to continue to fight despite he has the least of strength. I loved that even in his skinny Steve state he still fought the Destroyer a bit. It was in a lot of ways quite amazing. That line I loved in the Avengers from Stark, is a great line but untrue about Steve, "Everything that makes you special came out of a bottle." Steve's superpower is not in his super solider serum, it's in his heart.

Thor: It's funny at how much this episode takes from the film Thor. Thor has to learn humility to break the spell a Surtur controlled Enchantress put on them. I always thought it was interesting when Thor became human because with him being used to such strength, being in a human form must seem like your flesh was made out of paper. Ultimately he learns no mater how much power you hold it doesn't make you any less, it's only the spirit which makes you a good warrior.

Story: It's interesting that the Surtur story line seems to be heating up. Hopefully we can see him in more EMH episodes to come and see him in Thor 2.

Verdict: As always EMH delivers on action, story and humor. Great episode.


Episode 16: Assault on 42

I had been wondering if they would introduce Annihilus in EMH and evidently they did. This episode has a very feeling of doom, very Alamoish type of story. In fact they actually mention this is their Alamo several times in the episode. Another interesting highlight in this episode is Ms Marvel. Carol is quickly becoming one of my favorite (if not my favorite) super heroin. She is interesting and powerful, I loved it when Carol and Thor fought back to back seemingly and defeated hundreds of Negative Zone bugs (that's honestly the best description I could come up with). I also think it's interesting that it's not Captain America, but Ms Marvel who thinks of letting the prisoners out to help defend the prison.

I love how EMH even while it's sort of a "one shot" episode it continues an over all story, such as Thor mentions to Executioner that Enchantress is being mind controlled by Surtur. This seems to pay off as Executioner helps Thor fight some bugs off of him thus saving him from being injured/dying. Seems that humility is working out for you Thor.

Verdict: Great episode. I hope that in the MCU that the Thanos minion (who was talking to Loki) isn't Annihilus, hopefully they can someday introduce Annihilus something more like this version in the MCU.


Episode 17: Ultron Unlimited

How could anyone not like this episode? Seriously, it has Vision in it! Okay, yes I'm a Vision fan. You can really see the geekdom in this episode, if you've read the comics. Amazingly enough this episode actually has two or three story lines fused together yet it comes off great. I also love when the robotic Hawkeye and Cap come in the line that Hawkeye says: "Oh, and by the way, it's really me." (Or something like that.) But I really loved that line as it related to one of the most recently closed story lines in EMH Secret Invasion. On Secret Invasion, I wish they had of done a bit more of Kree/Skrull War story line but oh well. It is sad we will probably never see that story line adapted for EMH.

At any rate I also loved that they introduced Jocasta. While it's only a cameo, it was nice to see that the female robotic Avenger is in this universe, although it's doubtful she'll ever be explored in this series as it is due to be cancelled.

Okay I'm sorry, I keep bringing up the sad stuff about it being canceled. But honestly that's probably the only bad thing about EMH.

I thought the Vision story was done really well, although I would have liked it if they spent a bit more time on it. Still at the same time they needed to move on so I'm not holding that against them.

Verdict: EMH continues to be one of the best cartoons ever and it makes me hope that Vision can be introduced in the MCU soon. Avengers 2 perhaps?


Episode 18: Yellowjacket

First off, I know what story in the comics they were trying to adapted and believe me it's a hard story to adapted. In fact if it's not the hardest it's easily one of the hardest stories to adapt in the Marvel Universe. I do like it that they did adapted it though and despite that it's a very hard story to adapt they did a fair job.

I've never connected great with Hank Pym, I like his character and all that but it always seemed the other characters around him where just much cooler than he was. But when you actually do understand him, this is actually his problem. He actually realizes all the other characters are better than he is, this is why the Yellowjacket personality was born. He's Hank Pym trying to be cool. (Well yes, it is even though he has amnesia and thinks he killed Hank Pym.)

The one thing that kept bothering me during this episode is it wasn't as explained as it was in the comics. Jan's realization Yellowjacket is Hank isn't because he kissed her? Also Hank and Jan don't get married? But oh well. It would be hard to fit all of that story line in one episode. And as I've said before they did a fair job. I felt for those who didn't read the story it was a bit unfair though. How are they supposed to know that Hank spilled some chemicals that made him have amnesia and think he was Yellowjacket (the perfect mate for a Wasp) and that he killed Hank Pym. Yes, I was slightly confused even after I read the comic. Still it's a good story.

Verdict: I hope I'm not being too harsh on EMH creators because I did like the episode, I just thought they could have explained it a bit more and stuck to the story a bit more.


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