Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Episode 21: Winter Soldier 

After seemingly being wished alive by Steve Rogers last season (though the use of the Cosmic Cube) Bucky has made appearances in the past few episodes. While this episode has some minor flaws it makes up for them in passionate performances of the characters. 

The show starts with the Avengers Red Skull in prison with Cap questioning him. Red Skull escapes using a sleeper (a big robot) as a distraction. The Avengers try to find other sleepers but have no luck. Cap with the help of Nick Fury goes off on his own to find Bucky aka the Winter Soldier. When the find Bucky he is battling a sleeper, they help destroy it. Cap gives Tony a heads up that there are more sleepers headed their way. After having little effect on the sleeper (which I'll address further below) the Avengers let Cap and Bucky break in to stop the Red Skull from destroying the White House. Bucky and Cap over come the Red Skull and destroy the sleeper. Bucky parts ways with Cap saying he has to figure out some of his past. 

Okay I loved every single thing in this episode except one thing. The sleepers. Well I actually liked the sleepers, I just wanted more of them and for it to be easier to defeat. I mean seriously the Avengers now have Thor, Ms Marvel, and Iron Man, as heavy hitters not even counting Vision who could have phased though and destroyed the sleeper from the inside. While this makes the show a little silly once you realize they didn't do this just because they wanted Bucky and Cap to save the day, it still doesn't take down the quality of the show. This show has more heart than great action in it, having the moments between Bucky, Cap, and the Red Skull quite memorable. 

Great show, can't wait to see more of Winter Soldier! 


Finally! Hulk is back and angrier than ever! I honestly wouldn't mind Hulk thrashing the Avengers a bit, I mean honestly it's been 13 episodes since he has been in custody. And they din't lift a finger to get him out! 

At any rate the show starts out with Cap and Iron Man going to the Hulkbuster base demanding Ross to let him out. Ross refuses but is out ranked as the President orders him to release the Hulk. Upon being released Banner turns into the Hulk and angrily fights Cap and Iron Man. He runs off only to be found again by the Avengers. Cap tries to reason with him but to no avail, the Avengers attack only to fail. Red Hulk steps in and takes Hulk down. After the Red Hulk receives good press for days, Red Hulk becomes the newest Avenger, Cap disapproves. To prove Banner is being manipulated, Cap secretly breaks into the Hulkbuster base and awakens Banner. With the help of Wasp, Cap breaks off the mind a mind control chip from Hulk's brain. Red Hulk shows up with the Avengers to take down Cap because of his illegal actions of breaking into the Hulkbuster base. Cap explains Red Hulk has been mind controlling Hulk to the Avengers. Iron Man executes nanobots to contain Red Hulk from his Avengers ID card. Red Hulk turns back into Ross and is taken into custody. 

A lot of fun battles in this one including: Iron Man (Hulkbuster armor) vs Hulk, Red Hulk vs Hulk and Thor vs Hulk. 

Glad to see the Jade Giant back on the team, and can't wait till the next episode! 


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