Monday, June 18, 2012

Episode 19: Emperor Stark 

Okay, I have to admit it. I'm a HUGE Vision fan. It's just his whole personallity, look, story, powers, that all like totally define cool. Lets hope he gets his appearance in the MCU soon! 

At any rate I was slightly sad to see after his amazing appearance in EMH, he was absent in the next episode. Still it's not too much I guess to wait another episode? Anyway this was a great episode that shows just how important Vision is to the team. The story is that after Ultron Unlimited Stark has Vision repaired by his computers which takes 30 days. After Vision's 30 days of being offline, he awakens into a world of the Purple Man, a villain who can mind control anyone with in a certain range. Vision finds that after being humiliated by Stark, he mind controls Stark into launching a Satellite which permits the Purple Man increase his telepathic power to all humans on earth. The Purple Man has all artificial life shut down, including Jarvis. Vision luckily escapes being shut down, as Tony seemingly had been resisting him all the time, wanting Vision to escape and help stop the Purple Man. 

Okay, you guessed it I liked best when the team was fighting each other due to the influence of the Purple Man. Mainly because it shows how much emotion is put into this series and how good the creators are at portraying these characters. 

There are several vs highlights to this episode. I'll mention my favorite. 

Vision vs Captain America 
Making Cap face himself telling Vision his beliefs in a previous episode Ultron Unlimited was pure genius of the creators. 

Captain America vs Hawkeye 
Hawkeye is basically a gunslinger. Well... arrow shooter? At any rate, he's not taking orders if he doesn't want to. He's very much a hired gun arrow. He only follows someone IF he WANTS to! When Cap tells him this to break the Purple Man's mind control I was mentally jumping up and down with joy. 

Captain America vs Iron Man 
This almost reminded me of, you guessed it, Civil War. It's sad there isn't another season of this series since they've hinted to Civil War coming for a while now. It's a pity we will never see it happen in this series. But remorse for later. This fight really shows how good friends Tony and Steve are, they really compliment each other as friends building on strengths of the other one. Oh and I loved the whole, "I can do a lot by wiggling my finger." to the Purple Man. 

I did feel sad that we didn't see the team vs several big Iron Man robots but oh well... also is it just me or does anyone else wonder where is Yellowjacket during this time? Chronologically I think this episode actually came before the Yellowjacket episode. 

But in the end another great episode. 


Episode 20: Code Red 

Naturally it's always good to see Rulk Red Hulk again but I wondered in this episode was he under mind control of the Red Skull? Or was he doing this for his own private vendetta? They weren't too clear on that. But perhaps it'll come to light in future episodes? 

At any rate I enjoyed the episode, mainly because it has one of my favorite characters of all time: Winter Solider! But I'll get to him in a bit. 

One of the favorite scenes in this episode is when Tony tells Steve he want's him to be the official leader of the team. Chronologically this makes perfect sense as Stark could be feeling self doubt as he was mind controlled by the Purple Man in the last episode, passing down the leadership to the one who had the most resistance to the Purple Man. While it wouldn't have worked for The Avengers, I was very happy to see the leadership being first on Iron Man, then passed down to Captain America. 

I keep wondering where Yellow Jacket and the Hulk are though? I'm thinking chronologically the Yellowjacketepisode may be after this episode too? But what of the Hulk? The Hulk was taken into custody, with Red Hulk knowing about it, so could it be that Ross was working with Red Skull to get the Hulk? Things to think about at any rate lets move on. 

I actually was a little surprised at myself I didn't realize who was doing this to them until Cap was in that room. Yeah, I know I couldn't believe I didn't figure it out before then either, I mean it had Red Skull MMO all of it: secretly taking over control of the government, making everyone's face look like his, his hate for Captain America, employment of Winter Solider, etc. But I was very happy to see his return, hopefully we can see a little bit more of him in the next few episodes. 

Okay now, Winter Solider! I loved his portrayal in this, he looks fantastic and I loved how after defeating Cap with his own fighting moves ultimately saves Cap. The one thing I didn't like was how Samson and Falcon were portrayed in this episode. I know they said they were being mind controlled by the Red Skull I would have liked it if they introduced Falcon a different way and had Samson redeem himself by breaking out of the mind control. This way they both seem a little bit too much like accidental bad guys. 

But these minor flaws even out when you realize all the amazing moments in this show. Bring on the next episodes! 


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